Conference Agenda

Analysing trends in the global economy

Moderator: Raphaël KAHANE, News Anchor, France 24

Morning from 8:30 to 12:30 am


Xavier Durand, Chief Executive Officer, Coface

Donald Trump: changing the geopolitical landscape?

Donna Brazile, Interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee

What impact might the election of Donald Trump have on the world’s geopolitical landscape? Is the world likely to be a more complex and volatile place with the new US President?  And which of the campaign promises will be put into action? Is his ‘surprise’ election likely to intensify populist protest movements further afield? How will US foreign policy evolve ? And what are the potential consequences for Europe, China, Russia, Iran…?

Round table with:
Donna BrazileInterim Chair of the Democratic National Committee
Thomas GomartDirector, Ifri (French Institut of International Relations)
Nicholas Kwan, Director of Research, Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Hubert Védrine, Former French Minister of Foreign Affairs

Coface overview of risks in advanced countries

Julien Marcilly, Chief Economist, Coface

Economies of Central and Eastern Europe: safe bets in the emerging world?

Central & Eastern European economies do not seem to have been affected by difficulties experienced by emerging markets since 2014. Where does this relative resilience come from? Which are the most dynamic sectors? How do we explain the vigour of the middle classes? Is Russia’s proximity a risk factor?

Round table with:
Bozidar Djelic, Managing Director, Lazard
Jacek Owczarek, Board Member and Chief Financial Officer, Eurocash Group
Tomas Sedlacek, Chief Macroeconomic Strategist, CSOB, Author of Economics of Good and Evil, philosopher of economics
Grzegorz Sielewicz, Economist for Central and Eastern Europe, Coface

Is Europe condemned to reinvent itself?

Henri de Castries, President, Institut Montaigne

Afternoon from 2:00 to 5:00 pm

French gastronomy: how do we keep our identity while learning from other cultures? 

Anne-Sophie Pic, 3-star Michelin Chef, Pic

Coface overview of risks in emerging countries

Julien Marcilly, Chief Economist, Coface

Middle East and North Africa economies in the face of falling oil prices: temporary shock or long-term trend?

Should the growth models of the Middle East and North Africa be revised to take into account the drop in oil prices? Are certain affected countries further along the process of economic diversification and structural reforms than others? How are their governments and their middle classes reacting?  Are geopolitical tensions an obstacle to recovery?

Round table with:
Patrick Chalhoub, Co-CEO, Chalhoub group
Nabil Habayeb, President and Chief Executive Officer, GE Middle East, North Africa & Turkey
Björn Rother, Advisor, Middle-East & Central Asia Department, IMF, (International Monetary Fund )
Tuba TerikliCo-Founder and CEO of Qotuf Al Riyadah Entrepreneurship Foundation

Global resurgence of nationalism and protectionism: temporary or permanent?

Jean-Marc Daniel, Associate Professor - Economics, ESCP Europe Business School